Thursday, May 5, 2011

Who's Who at PBTS

We thought it would be fun to spotlight each staff member at PBTS, not only so we could get to know them, but also so you can see who is behind the great food and friendly service! We are so fortunate to have such a great group of people working with us.

Today, we would like to introduce Rich, an experienced culinarian who whips up some of the fantastic creations in our kitchen. ( I apologize in advance for the pictures which were taken with a phone!)

Birthday: April 28
Where you are from: Born in Queens, NY, Raised in Yonkers, NY, lives now in Seagrove
Family: Beautiful wife Sonia and James, his son. "You are my life!"
Favorite thing about living here: The beach
Favorite activities: Cooking for people, riding my bike to the beach
Interesting facts about you: I'm a germaphobe, and I can't spell well.
How long you have worked at PBTS: almost 4 years
Favorite PBTS meal: Pepperoni Caesar sandwich and spaghetti and meatball pizza
Favorite toy when you were a kid: Fake Rambo knife
"PBTS is my stress-free happy place!"

Make sure you say "hi" to Rich the next time you peek in kitchen. We are so happy to have you, Rich!