Sunday, May 22, 2011

Meet Shafer!

It's time to meet one of our bussers, Shafer! Bussers play such an important role in the operation of the restaurant-- they have to be on-the-ball, good communicators, and friendly to the customers. They have to be watchful to make sure that the customers needs are being met. And Shafer does an awesome job at all of these things! And if you have met Shafer, you know that he is TALL! (he plays basketball, of course.) Jason shared with me one cool thing that Shafer can do because of his height is reach into the kitchen through the window and grab any size box he needs (the rest of us would have to walk around to do it!) We are proud to have him as part of the staff at PBTS. Thanks, Shafer, for all of your hard work!

Name: Shafer
Where you are from: Originally- Broken Arrow, Oklahoma Now: Santa Rosa Beach
Family: 2 older brothers, 1 older sister, 1 younger brother, and 2 younger sisters (WOW!)
Birthday: October 26th
Favorite thing about living here: Beaches and great food, sports competition
What sports, hobbies, activities you enjoy: Basketball!, beach, church, video games
Other interesting facts about you: Favorite movie: Billy Madison Most interesting place visited: Vegas He's a Kansas Jayhawk Basketball Fan
How long have you worked at PBTS: 3 months
Favorite childhood toy: Original Batman toys, playskool basketball goal
Favorite PBTS meal: Buffalo Chicken Pizza
Also, he is pursuing a college basketball scholarship and a major in sports medicine! (awesome!)

Next time you see Shafer, make sure to say "hi" and thank him for helping to make PBTS a great place to eat!