Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sticker Spotting: Barefoot BBQ

Not only is Barefoot BBQ in Seaside one of our favorite eateries, it is owned by one of our favorite people! Murphy has got to be one of the hardest working people on 30A. He's there bright and early until late at night and always has a smile on his face. We were excited to see not one, but THREE Pizza by the Sea bumper stickers while we were there. Love you Murphy {and Jen} and we so appreciate the support. Your next pizza is on us!

In Murphy's own words:  "For those who may not know about Barefoot BBQ, we are a little BBQ joint operated out of 2 Airstream trailers in Seaside. We serve only hormone-free, antibiotic-free, steroid-free meat and organic produce. Even our desserts are organic. We don't serve drinks in plastic containers (including our water, which is an amazingly delicious canned water called "Source"). All of our to go products are made from renewable and biodegradable resources such as rice, corn and sugar. Some of our retail shirts (which are super cool and I believe represent the vibe of 30A) are made from organic cotton and recycled materials. All of this to say, we are not perfect in our carbon footprints upon this beautiful planet, but we're trying to do our part. It is our intention to serve whole food that feeds that body and the planet. Oh, and did I mention, the BBQ and the sauces rock! Can't wait to see y'all out at the Airstreams. We're cooking 24/7 so there's plenty to go around. Thank you again for your amazing support!!!"