Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kids! We Need Help!

We need some pizza ornaments for our YUM tree to jazz it up a bit. And we thought that having kids make us some would be perfect! Can you help us?

Here are the guidelines:

1. The ornament has to be in the shape of a whole pizza or pizza slice.
2. It can be no bigger than about 4 inches in width (we want to fit a lot of ornaments on the little tree!)
3. We would like the child's name on it!
4. It would be very helpful if you included some sort of way to hang the ornament (ribbon or yarn would work fine).

Get creative! They can be made from tin can lids, oatmeal lids, cardboard, paper... you name it! Have the kids decorate their ornaments and bring them in to put on our tree. The tree will be up after Thanksgiving. Or, if you live far away, you can just mail it to us!

We will be posting pictures of the ornaments as they come in! We can't wait to see what the kids create ! (and keep in mind, they don't have to be masterpieces: we just want them to have fun!)

Thank you for helping us make our YUM Christmas tree look fabulous!