Thursday, September 22, 2011

Meet Kevin!

We have such a great group of staff working at PBTS, and one of them is Kevin Howell. (Fondly known by some of the other staff as K2, because we have two Kevin H.'s). Kevin works mostly in the kitchen, but you also may occasionally see him out front! He does a fabulous job for us, and he is so patient with our own two inquisitive children who ask him a million questions.
Here is a little about him:

Name: Kevin Howell
Birthday: June 2
Where you are from and where you live now: Panama City Beach, Destin
Favorite thing about living here: Good motorcycle weather and the beach
Favorite sports: baseball, football, basketball
Interesting fact about you: I like to go fast!
How long have you worked at PBTS: 6 months
Favorite PBTS meal: Triple Bypass
Favorite toy as a kid: Kawasaki KX Dirtbike

Thanks, Kevin, for doing a great job and being an important part of the PBTS family!