Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Meet PBTS Manager Roy!

Today we would like you all to meet our fantastic manager, Roy. Let's just say it was not easy to get Roy to pose for a picture-- he is a bit camera-shy (Ha!) But seriously, we are SO fortunate to have him as our manager. He has helped to make the transition for us as the new owners go so smoothly. And he has dedicated so much time and energy to PBTS... I know he loves this place as much as we do!

As far as the picture goes, this is the best I could do, folks.... I know Danette tried to trick him into looking, too but no luck!

Name: Roy

Birthday: 12/12

Where you are from: Born in Phoenix, raised in Ft. Walton Beach, lives now in Freeport

Family: 3 daughters: Jennifer, Miki, and McKenzie granddaughter Scarlett Annabella

Favorite thing about living here: sunshine, warm weather

Sports, hobbies: all outdoor sports

Most exciting adventure: working with Danette

How long have you worked at PBTS: over a year

Favorite PBTS meal: My own sandwich: American cheese, chicken, bacon & ranch on kid dough

What was your favorite toy when you were a kid? G.I. Joe

He says: PBTS is truly my happy place!

Thanks, Roy, for all you do for PBTS and the customers. We are truly blessed to have you! Make sure you say 'hey' to Roy the next time you visit us!