Thursday, October 7, 2010


Let's take a break from chatting pizza for a minute. Here are a few things we're loving right now.

Tracery's mercury glass jewelry boxes. {Hoping no one I've purchased one for is reading this.} And of course their rockin' blog, gorgeous selection of Allison Craft Designs jewelry and jaw-droppping interior designs.
The Coat - Straight from Stephanie's imagination to boutique store shelves, this Judith March design is now available in a variety of yummy flavors. Oh my goodness, the gorgeousness!!
Twirl Frozen Yogurt - Okay, so it's not on "The A," but it is sooo worth the drive to Destin. Hang out in a funky, IKEA-loving environment, serve yourself yogurt, pile on the toppings, then weigh and pay.
Seaside Tennis - Brad, the Seaside Tennis Pro, hosts clinics Monday-Wednesday at 9:00 a.m. and my husband is hooked. Coincidentally, it seems we've gotten Brad hooked on Pizza by the Sea. :)
Sheila Goode - Her work is art. Her heart is huge. Her photography, timeless. She is amazing and we love her. A lot.
That's it for now. More to come.