Thursday, September 10, 2009

Goodbye, sweet little store

Photo by Lesley Isacks

This is a final farewell to Movies by the Sea. I think I have been putting off this post because I didn't want to admit it's really over. We can't express our appreciation enough to those of you who supported us during our five and a half years. We met some of the most wonderful people at the store - many of whom are our best friends today.

Over the years, we had so many great employees. I'm going to try and list them all: Cami, Danette, Jenna, Kenna, David, Claire, Bess, Heidi, Erika, Amber, Jonah, Justin, JD, Meredith, Calvin, Ruthie, Suzanne, Becca, Carla, Lee, Phillip & Rachel {Please forgive me if I forgot anyone!}. They were all a special part of making Movies by the Sea what it was. We are thrilled that many of them are still part of our lives as friends and even as employees at Pizza by the Sea.

Special thanks to our assistant manager, Cami Ellis. She lived and breathed this place for two years and treated Movies by the Sea like it was her own. We trusted her implicitly and knew our place was in good hands when we weren't around. She knew locals by name and they loved {love} her. She was especially great with kids and we look forward to the day she becomes a Mommy herself. We will miss you so much, Cami.♥

Cami the Great, pictured here with her mom

Also, we are so grateful to Marla Carter and Lesley Isacks for their awesome photography that filled the walls over the years.

Photo by Marla Carter

Photo by Lesley Isacks

Thank you for the stories you've shared with us over the past few weeks once you knew we were closing. All of your kind words have meant so much. And thanks for telling us you will miss Movies by the Sea. We will, too.

Goodbye, sweet little store.

Rendering by Kurt Lischka