Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bling Bling

So I am typically not a girl who cares about jewelry, but I have to say that Magpies is quite possibly the most beautiful jewelry store I have ever seen! Decorated in hot pink, black and their signature magpie, the store is beyond gorgeous. It's owned by the sweetest mom and daughter team {Vickie & Shelby Miller} who carry bling ranging from affordable to "It's my anniversary, dang it!"

Hop on your bike and check it out. Magpies is located in Seaside's Ruskin Place by another one of our favorite stores, Albert F's. They also have eclectic finds like this tapestry bag.

Check out the gift box adorned with a tiny rhinestone - presh! Incidentally, big props to my husband for introducing me to this place via my recent birthday gifts.